Our senior design students work in teams of 2-4 to solve real engineering design problems. Some groups tackle environmental projects while others do power & machinery or bioprocessing projects. At the end of the Spring semester, the student teams present their design work to the faculty of our department for review.

Occasionally, undergraduates also give posters or presentations of original research they have done with department faculty members.

Selected presentations from previous teams are listed below:

Recirculating Sand Filter Optimization Protocol for Nitrogen Removal from Domestic Wastewater
Crystal Kelly, Will Rutemeyer and Ken Swinson

BADD Biomass Automated Densification Device (B.A.D.D.!)
Erin Byers, Kimberly Geary, Boone Hillenbrand and Andrew Smith

Silt Fence

Design of a Silt Fence Alternative
Chris Dixon and Brent Pilon

Underwater Video Semi-Automated Underwater Video Mapping System
Christopher Butler, Clifton Robertson, Brian Marsh, and Aaron Kline

Representative Volume Extraction System
(for erosion sediment studies)
Mark Bacon, Aaron Crenshaw, and Matt Rice

Greenhouse sprayer Designing a Greenhouse Sprayer System
Brett Adams, John Conger, and Paul Troutt

Designing a Quarter Scale Tractor
(for the 2003 ASAE 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition)

Rob Comer, Russell Goodman, and Monette Vessell

Air Permeability Measurement Dynamic Measurement of Air Permeability
as a Function of Water Content

Aaron D. Crenshaw and J. S. Tyner (faculty)

Taking samples from boat Our students entered two teams in the 2002 annual UT-wide Exposition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement. In a field of 16 posters, they won two of the four prizes, splitting prize money of $200 per team. One of those posters is available online:

In Situ Permeability Testing of
Animal Waste Storage Ponds and Lagoons

C.E. Cavin III, T.E. Stills, W.C. Wright

Greenhouse_2001 Title Slide

Environmental Control in Hydroponic
Tomato Greenhouses

J. D. Foote, S. J. Ray, & J. S. Young

Phytoremediation of Synthetic Fuel
Bioassessment Ponds

T. M. Heffern & P. H. Summers

Designing a Quarter Scale Tractor
(for the 2001 ASAE 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition)

J. C. Hudson, W. T. Pinson, & A. W. Waters

Aquaculture Team title slide

Reducing Water Consumption
at the UTK Aquaculture Laboratory

R. J. Cook, C. P. Phillips, & R. T. Reel

Aluminum Chloride Team title slide

A Delivery System for Aluminum Chloride
B. F. French, J. E. Goodman, & J. D. Russell

FCLD Team title slide

An Online Sensor for Predicting Failure
in High-Rate Anaerobic Digesters

T. Ervin, J. Hancock, & E. Wilkerson

1/4-Scale Tractor Team (1999) - title slide

Designing a Quarter Scale Tractor
(for the 1999 ASAE 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition)

C. L. Lafferty and C. L. Whitten

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