Off-road Vehicle Technology Concentration

The Off-Road Vehicle Technology concentration is designed to provide a strong background in engine and vehicle performance analysis, as well as an understanding and appreciation for natural resource environmental concerns. Knowledge of the fundamental technologies will be acquired, including fabrication, engines, vehicle performance evaluation, CAD, GIS/GPS, and instrumentation. Applications include military, agricultural, forestry, construction, and recreational off-road vehicles.

Showcase curriculum: 16-17  15-16  14-15  13-14  12-13  11-12

Many human activities adversely impact soil, water, and environmental quality, and there is a constant need for experts in environmental technologies. The Off-road Vehicle Technology Concentration provides students with a strong grounding in basic sciences or engineering technology to prepare them for a broad range of possible careers involving collecting sound environmental information and providing food, fiber, and shelter in an environmentally-sound manner.

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