Environmental Science Concentration

This four-year Environmental Science Concentration is offered through a B.S. Degree in Environmental and Soil Sciences in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Environmental Science is a blended program of science and technology that provides a strong, broad background in the natural sciences. The plan of study emphasizes human impacts on the long-term use and productivity of land and water resources. Emphasis is also placed on the tools used in the management of these resources. The curriculum provides a good foundation in the collection and analysis of the information required to characterize resource conservation problems and to make good resource use decisions. This concentration has provisions for elective courses to be taken in the specified subject areas. Students consult with their advisors each semester about their interests and the appropriate classes to meet the students' needs.

Showcase curriculum: 16-17  15-16  14-15  13-14  12-13  11-12

Graduates gain the practical knowledge necessary to compete for career opportunities in government agencies, environmental consulting firms, public health services, environmental research laboratories, and agricultural production, while also gaining the theoretical training necessary for continuing on for advanced degrees in a variety of environmentally-related fields.

Why Environmental Science?
Undergrad Courses
Environmental Science Resources

Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science
Club Advisor: Andrew Sherfy

Program Advisors: Neal Eash & Joanne Logan

Environmental Science Concentration!

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