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Welcome to the UT Construction Science Program. The UT Construction Science program began in Fall 2010, and is currently a concentration with the Environmental and Soil Science degree program in the Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science. This program is designed to prepare you for entry into the very broad and diverse range of careers related to construction. This could lead to construction management opportunities in areas such as residential, agricultural, commercial, paving and excavation construction. Students in a program of this type typically enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that can be quickly realized seeing a project grow from an idea to finished product. This field relies on knowledge from engineering, construction, and business; skills related to teamwork and leadership are important as well. The program is designed to provide you a strong background in science and math, with exposure to relevant technology such as CAD, GPS/GIS, sensors and electronic information transfer. In addition, the added emphasis on business related coursework in the Construction Science track leads to a Minor in Business Administration.

While this program provides a rigorous background in math and science, and includes courses in engineering, it differs from those programs leading to the B.S. in Engineering. Engineering degrees have unique entrance requirements, focus on design, and lead to registration as a Professional Engineer. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has a concentration in Construction Engineering, which is distinct from this program.

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Graduates from this program will have the skills and understanding to be successful in areas such as residential, agricultural, commercial, paving, and excavation construction.

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