Conservation Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability Concentration

The Conservation Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability Concentration provides graduates with a well rounded background in soil science, agronomy, pest management, and agribusiness economics. This program is designed to provide students with the skills needed for success as either a manager or consultant in production agronomy. This concentration provides a basic science foundation in soil science, geology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and economics as well as a solid foundation in oral and written communication. From this solid foundation students are introduced to basic and applied sciences many of which include hands-on laboratories and field trips in plant physiology, disease and pest management, and soil science. Students can select from technical electives in their interest areas including agricultural technologies or environmental monitoring.

Showcase curriculum: 16-17  15-16  14-15  13-14  12-13 

Graduates from this program will have the skills to be successful as agronomic consultants, agribusiness managers, agricultural production, and employment within the agricultural value chain.

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