Agricultural Systems Technology Concentration

Agricultural Systems Technology is designed to provide you the skills required to manage the sophisticated technological systems that are increasingly essential to modern agricultural production. The program starts with a basic science foundation, adds courses in crop production, pest control, and protection of soil and water resources, then introduces the technologies and control systems available to make production more efficent and environmentally sound. It rounds out the curriculum with analysis and management courses to tie all the information together and to most effectively use it in making and carrying out management decisions. Directed technical electives allow the student to concentrate in a particular area of agricultural production or to develop increased skills with particular technologies or management tools.

Showcase curriculum: 16-17  15-16  14-15  13-14  12-13  11-12

Graduates from this program will have the skills and understanding to be successful in agribusiness, agricultural consulting and production, or employment with agricultural equipment and material suppliers.

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