We seek to lead in creative, productive research involving engineering and allied technologies in selected areas related to the production, processing, storage, and distribution of agricultural, food, and other biological products and the management of natural resources. Based on our resources and the most pressing research needs, our high-priority research areas during the next five years include:
  • Environmental Quality and Resource Conservation -- irrigation, water management, water quality, soil conservation, reclamation and restoration, animal waste management, onsite domestic wastewater renovation, bioremediation, air quality, and other environmental issues.
  • Power and Machinery -- power unit and off-road vehicle performance, traction, energy requirements for crop production, biomass processing for biofuels, biomass logistics of agricultural-produced plant materials, forage harvesting and handling, technologies for application of plant protectants, spray droplet dynamics, conservation and no-tillage planting systems, machine design and development, and mechanization.
  • Bio-processing -- fundamentals of food and processing engineering, physical properties of biological materials, drying, curing, osmotic dehydration, quality assessment, materials handling, storage, controlled atmosphere packaging, and constituent extraction.
  • Instrumentation, Sensors, and Control Systems -- environmental mapping, electronic systems, sensor development, process control, data acquisition and signal processing, biosensors, sampling technologies, feature extraction, human factors and ergonomics, geographic information systems, global position sensing, and spatially-variable detection and control in agriculture.


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