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After much deliberation and considerable scheming, one era in the life of the department appears to be drawing to an end as another dawns. The repercussions are perhaps most significant for sleepy graduate students.

For approximately 21 years, coffee has been percolated in the department at ten cents a cup. For most of that time Dr. Bobby Bledsoe shall we say it...the big kahuna, the hub of the wheel, the center of the coffee drinker universe. With periodic help from Dr. Willie Hart and others, he not only delivered coffee for ten cents a cup, but ran up enough of a surplus to replace numerous coffeemakers, offer periodic bountiful Krispy Kreme donut "dividend days", and even purchase a new microwave oven. We're still not sure how he did it.

On Dr. Bledsoe's retirement, the department (in crisis mode) gladly accepted the help of Craig Wagoner (product delivery and cleanup) and Dr. Luther Wilhelm (financial systems). While together they have admirably filled Dr. Bledsoe's shoes, there has been a nagging concern about the "large batch" nature of operations -- frequently, coffee drinkers find no coffee at noon or, alternately, Craig has to dump leftover coffee later in the afternoon.

When a Bunn coffeemaker (that can make smaller quantities on demand) was located languishing elsewhere, a recovery operation was proposed by Dr. Robert Burns and successfully executed. Dr. Wilhelm indicates that he will try to continue to hold the line at ten cents, though dividend days are in jeopardy.

So, stop by and brew a pot, or have a cup, still for only ten cents.

Note: Information in this story is believed to be accurate, but was mostly gathered around the coffee pot.
Joel Lown

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