Students win in national design competitions

For the fourth consecutive year, senior design students in the Biosystems Engineering program at The University of Tennessee Knoxville placed in the top three in national design competitions. This year, the senior design team of Theresa L. Ervin, John H. Hancock, and Erin G. Wilkerson, entered their design project into two national design competitions, the AGCO Design Competition for agriculturally related design projects, and the Padnos Design Competition, for environmentally related design projects.

They placed 3rd in the AGCO competition, receiving a $750 cash award and free registration at the July international meeting of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers in Toronto, Canada. They received an honorable mention (runners-up to 1st place), and a $2000 award from the Padnos competition. The Padnos award funds will be used to fly the team to Las Vegas in September to attend the American Society of Mechanical Engineers meeting, where they will be recognized for their excellent work.

The project involved the design, construction, and testing of a FCLD (failure- causing-load detector). The FCLD is a biosensor that can help make certain types of wastewater treatment systems more reliable. The students performed the work as part of Biosystems Engineering 401 and 402, the capstone design sequence, co-taught by Drs. Ronald E. Yoder and D. Raj Raman.

This project had previously received the Certificate of Merit in the UTK Exhibition of Undergraduate and Creative Achievement. The project mentor was Dr. Raman.

Dr. Luther Wilhelm

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