Raman Recognized as Distinguished Young Scientist

D. Raj Raman received the T.J. Whatley Distinguished Young Scientist Award for his outstanding contributions to research activities at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Raman, who has been on the faculty for almost eight years, has research interests at the interface of the disciplines of engineering and biology, and in problems related to the environment and agricultural production.

Raj's recent projects include quantifying and minimizing estrogen emissions from dairy and swine operations, examining the ability of high-rate bioreactors to reduce lagoon odor, and the development of a mosquito control strategy for constructed-wetlands treating dairy wastewater. Funding for his work has come from the USDA, USGS, state-appropriated dollars, and industry, and he has collaborated with faculty across the Institute of Agriculture, and at other UT departments. Details regarding his programs are available at http://web.utk.edu/~raman/.

Joel Lown

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