Fall 2010 Seminar Schedule Set

Fall 2010 Seminar Schedule
2:30pm, BESS Lab Building, Rm. 266

September 3, 2010
Heath Duncan
Lint Yield and Crop Maturity Responses to Irrigation in a Short-Season Environment
Brett Connell
Underwater video mapping to determine aquatic TES habitat in the Driftwood River at Camp Atterbury

September 10, 2010
William Nichols
Measuring Water Leakage from an Artificial Wetland Impacted by Earthquake Fissures

Jessica Ottinger
Adsorption of Antimony(V) on Gibbsite, a Variable Charge Mineral

September 17, 2010
Daniel Anderson
Response of Soil Water Chemistry to Simulated Changes in Acid Deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains

Jessica Johnson
Habitat Mapping of Threatened and Endangered Fish in Citico Creek

Warren Edmunds
Measuring Soil Carbon Using Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

September 24, 2010
Erica Moore
Collaborative Research: Effects of Land-Use Change on the Production of Ecosystem Services in Páramo Grassland
Seth Benge

Rob Raley
Sealing of Animal Waste Ponds

October 1, 2010
George Bozdech

Brady McPherson

October 15, 2010
Lu Chen

Matthew Bruns

October 22, 2010
Hannah Armstrong

Wendy Bruns

October 29
Leah Soro

Jiangwei Liu

November 5, 2010
Jim Daleiden

Ezra Glafenhein

November 12, 2010
Cassi Jones

Andrea Woodard

November 19, 2010
Shirley Liu

Themis Stone


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