BESS Students Compete in EUReCA

In the Exhibition of Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievement (EUReCA) competition held March 25, BESS was well represented with the following six entries:

• Mariam Fawaz & Lauren Nixon “Characterization of a Novel Bacterium from the Phylum Gemmatimonadetes” (Mark Radosevich, mentor)
• Charles Edmunds, Stephen Newlin, Jr., James White “Dual Solar Roof”
(John Tyner, mentor)
• Lori Gibson, Heath Duncan, Alex McLemore, and Rebecca Messer “CROPP – Cryogenic Reduction of Organic Pest Plants” (William Hart, mentor)
• Chanci King “Habitat Mapping of Threatened and Endangered Fish in Citico Creek” (Paul Ayers, mentor)
• Sean Nester, Randall Whitehead “Polyacrylamide Application for Reducing Stormwater Turbidity” (John Buchanan, mentor)
• Emily Wrinn “Comparing Two GPS Receivers on Military Vehicles for
Environmental Impact” (Paul Ayers, mentor)

In the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources category, the team of Mariam Fawaz & Lauren Nixon was recognized as one of the top three entries.

In the College of Engineering category, the entry from Lori Gibson, Heath Duncan, Alex McLemore, and Rebecca Messer, and the entry from Charles Edmunds, Stephen Newlin, Jr., James White resulted in two of the top three college awards.

And the team of Edmunds, Newlin and White also won the Office of Research prize, recognizing them as one of the top five entries from throughout the university!

Please join me in congratulating all these students for participating in the competition, and thank the mentors for their guidance. The entries stemming from the BsE Senior Design sequence also reflect the contributions of other engineering faculty and staff members, especially Fred Tompkins, Al Womac, and Daniel Yoder, as well as the student Design Apprentices in BsE 104. Thanks also to Doug Hayes for volunteering to serve as one of the EUReCA judges.

Great job BESS!

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