TEAM 2000 Will Be Held

Tomorrow's Engineers And Managers (TEAM) is a course for high school faculty specializing in either science or math. TEAM consists of hands-on demonstrations, lectures, problem solving activities, and development of high school teaching modules/ lesson plans that use practical biosystems engineering examples to illustrate the application of science and math concepts.

Teaming concepts are introduced and reinforced through cooperative projects between high school and university faculty. The course is designed to capitalize on the teaching expertise of high school faculty and the technical subject expertise of university faculty in developing high school teaching modules.

The TEAM 2000 focus area is Heat Transfer with practical applications including:

The Engineering Design Process
A Heating Design Activity
Energy and Mass Balance of Processes
Heat Transfer Calculations
Living Organisms
Microbial Growth Calculations

Use of Microsoft ExcelŽ spreadsheet to solve problems is introduced to simplify repetitive calculations for examining "what-if" situations - and is applicable to grades maintenance, etc.

Continuing education units are available or optional Graduate credit (1 hr) is available with completion of a subject-related teaching module/ lesson plan following the on-campus class work. So, mark your calendars for June 7-9, 2000 and return the application form by May 5. (You will need Adobe Acrobat ReaderŽ to view the application form. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat 4.0 ReaderŽ now if you don't already have it.)


$35 for the course with CEU credits

- or -
$184 (in state tuition) for graduate credit with admission to Graduate School & completion of a teaching module Accommodations will be on your own.
The course will be held at the UT Knoxville, Agriculture Campus, with on-site parking.
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