Radosevich at Center for Biomarker Analysis

Dr. Mark Radosevich of the Biosystems Engineering & Environmental Science Department has been named Executive Director of the Center for Biomarker Analysis. The Center, founded and led by Distinguished Scientist Dr. David C. White, uses various analytical (chemical, microscopic, and molecular genetic) tools to measure biomarkers -- molecules that serve as a signature of the health or structure of a microbial community. The presence or absence of biomarkers can then be used as an indicator of environmental or human health.

One of Markís emphases will be to enhance collaboration between the Center and UTIA. Several current and potential biomarker projects at the Center include characterizing microbial activity in uranium contaminated aquifers, measuring volatile organic compounds at crime scenes for forensic science, and using breath analysis to diagnose a personís health.

Mark joins BEES graduate Aaron Peacock (M.S. 2000; currently working on a Ph.D. with Dr. Michael Essington), who is coordinator for the Centerís Biomarker Data Analysis and Microbiology labs.

Joel Lown

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