Cleaning Up Pond Creek Watershed

Partnerships are what UT Extension is all about. In rural McMinn County, UT Extension initiated the Pond Creek Watershed Project to support farmers along the creek as they make changes to improve water quality. Led by Extension environmental soils specialist Dr. Forbes Walker of the Department of Biosystems Engineering and Environmental Science, the project brought together specialists from UT, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We’ve developed relationships with area farmers and have given them options and resources to prevent cattle waste runoff into the creek,” said Extension Area Specialist Lena Beth Carmichael, coordinator of the Pond Creek Watershed Project. “It’s very important to let these farmers know that we’re here to help. We’re here to give them the resources and support they need to improve water quality.”

Carmichael says that options range from improving pasture management for erosion reduction to assistance in funding for expensive containment systems. “Our goals are to educate farmers and provide them with best management practices,” she said. “Improving their farm management ensures their future success and improves water quality at the same time.”

Leslie Ogle, Tennessee Land, Life & Science, Vol. 3/No.1, 2005, UT Institute of Agriculture

Leslie Ogle
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