2004 CASNR Scholarship and Awards Banquet

The Biosystems Engineering & Environmental Science Department was well represented among those receiving recognition April 6th at the 44th Annual Scholarship and Awards Recognition Program and Banquet held in Hollingsworth Auditorium. Students and the alumnus who were recognized were:

Participants in the Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative

Jessica Journey, Jacob Prater, Alisha Spears, Kristal Tate, Kenton Brotherton, Heath Haun, and Rebecca Lane (Mentor - Joanne Logan)
Sin Ting (Tammy) Cheung (Mentor - Paul Ayers)
Mark Bacon, Aaron Crenshaw, Matt Rice (Mentor - Daniel Yoder)
Aaron Crenshaw (Mentor - John Tyner) Winner, 3rd place, Engineering Division

Academic Honors (on CASNR Honor Roll Spring and Fall semesters in 2003)
Philip Campbell (ESS), Patrick Dobbs (BsE), Robert Hull (ESS), Jill Kovalchik (BsE), Emily Martin (ESS)

CASNR Scholastic Honors
Sarah Yoder (BsE)

BEES Outstanding Students
Freshman - Sarah Yoder (BsE), Junior - Patrick Dobbs (BsE), Joshua Painter (ESS)
Sophomore - Robert Hull (ESS), Senior - Aaron Crenshaw (BsE), Emily Martin (ESS)

CASNR Outstanding Students
Junior - Brady Lewis (BsE), Senior - Aaron Crenshaw (ESS)

CASNR Students of the Month
September - Aaron Crenshaw (BsE), February - Brady Lewis (BsE)

Also recognized for University-wide awards were the following students:

Chancellor's Citation for Extraordinary Academic Achievement
Aaron Crenshaw (BsE), Emily Martin (ESS), Hong Young Jeon (M.S. in BsE)

Chancellor's Citation for Extraordinary Professional Promise
Susanna Sutherland (M.S. in BsET)

The CASNR Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to the Department's
nominee. Louis Buck, a 1981 Agricultural Engineering graduate, received the award. Louis is currently the State Executive Director for Tennessee's Farm Service Agency where he oversees the U.S. Department of Agriculture's farm programs in Tennessee. He was formerly the Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture for Tennessee, and prior to that filled several supervisory positions at TVA. Louis also earned a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at UT, and a Master's in Business Administration at Vanderbilt.

Ron Yoder

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