CSAE/SCGR Fellowship Award to Sokhansanj

Mansonville, QC June 23, 2003 -- Shahab Sokhansanj [BEES adjunct professor] is granted the CSAE/SCGR fellowship in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the agricultural engineering profession through a wide range of research, administration, exceptional teaching ability, and service to the Society. He is currently a distinguished scientist affiliated with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy. He is a Professor Emeritus (July 2003) in the Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. He also holds adjunct professorships at the University of Tennessee and University of British Columbia.

Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj has distinguished himself through excellence in teaching, research and professional practice. During his tenure at the University of Saskatchewan between 1979 and 2002, Dr. Sokhansanj developed and taught 12 undergraduate and 4 graduate courses. In addition to the training of undergraduate students, he supervised 10 doctoral and 16 masters degree candidates, and 12 postdoctoral fellows and scientists.

His research on grain and forage processing has contributed in a significant way to the advancement of engineering design and economic well being of rural communities in Saskatchewan and elsewhere. Dr. Sokhansanj's core research is in drying of agricultural materials. He developed and pioneered the application of computer simulation models to thermal treatments and dryer design. In 1994, Dr. Sokhansanj established the Strategic Research Program (SRP) in Agricultural Process Engineering in the College of Engineering. The well equipped and staffed laboratory conducts short and long term strategic research for training of high quality personnel as well as strategic R&D for Saskatchewan and Canada.

To date, Dr. Sokhansanj has published 157 referred journal articles, more that 250 papers in conference proceedings, 14 book chapters and several articles in popular non-scientific publications. He has served as associate editor for Canadian Agricultural Engineering, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and the Editorial Board of Drying Technology, an International Journal. He has also served as panel member on USDA Fund for Rural America and USDA and DOE Small Business Innovation Programs (Phase I and Phase II).

Throughout his career, Dr. Sokhansanj has been actively engaged in technology transfer activated nationally and internationally. In Canada, he forged close collaboration with the Canola Council of Canada, the Pulse Crop Development Board and Pulse Canada, the Canadian Hay Association (CHA), and the Canadian Dehydrators Association (CDA), the Saskatchewan Flax Commission and Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network. He also served on CIDA and CESO programs in China and established academic and research collaborations between the University of Saskatchewan and two Chinese institutions, namely, Beijing Agriculture University and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Sokhansanj's contribution to professional practice includes leadership or team member in the development of a number of ASAE Standards. In 2002 he received the ASAE Food and Process Engineering Institute leadership citation for his contributions to standards development. Dr. Sokhansanj has received citations from the Canadian Dehydrators Association and the Canadian Hay Association for his contributions to forage engineering research. He also received the award of merit from Drying Technology, an International Journal for original contribution to Drying Science. He also was a recipient of the John C. Clark Award from Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering in recognition of his outstanding contributions and accomplishments as a teacher and researcher in the field of electric power and processing. Dr. Sokhansanj was nominated for Distinguished Researcher Award at the University of Saskatchewan (2000) and was granted Professor Emeritus in 2003. The award will be presented on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at Pointe Claire, QC.

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Pierre Jutras, CSAE/SCGR

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