Environmental & Soil Sciences (MS and PhD)

Students seeking the Master of Science degree with a major in Environmental and Soil Sciences will generally concentrate their studies in one of the environmental and soil sciences focus areas.

Entrance into the MS program requires documentation that the applicant possesses a four-year baccalaureate degree in soil science (including environmental soil science) or a "hard" science (including chemistry, geology, physics, or biology). It is also strongly recommended that applicants have completed one semester of coursework in each of the following: organic chemistry, physics, plant physiology or microbiology, and statistics. Fifteen (15) semester credits in soil science courses are also required; however, course deficiencies may be satisfied during the first year of graduate study.

A doctorate with a major in Plants, Soils, and Insects and a concentration in Environmental and Soil Sciences is offered under a multi-departmental doctoral program.

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