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Name   Email Deg Thesis/Dissertation Professor
Sreejata Bandopadhyay sbandopa@vols.utk.edu  PhD PSI  Microbial Degradation of Agricultural Plastics  Jennifer DeBruyn 
Nastaran Basiri-Jahromi nbasirij@vols.utk.edu  PhD PSI  Effect of Biochar and plant-based irrigation scheduling on growth and plant water use.  Forbes Walker 
Mingwei Chu mchu@utk.edu  MS ESS  Cover Crop Effects on Soil Quality  Forbes Walker 
Amin Gharahassanlou anourigh@vols.utk.edu  PhD PSI  Long-Term Impacts of Cover Crops, Crop Rotations, and Conservation Tillage Systems on Soil Physical Properties and Soil Water Availability  Jaehoon Lee 
Benjamin Huangfu yhuangfu@utk.edu  PhD BsE  Advanced Sediment Source Identification Techniques: Sediment-Microbial Source Tracking, Sediment Elemental Fingerprinting, and SWAT Watershed Modeling.  Shawn Hawkins 
Caleb Johnson cjohn180@utk.edu  MS ESS  Installation and monitoring of denitrification reactive barriers at an Eastern Tennessee dairy operation  Jaehoon Lee 
Lidong Li lli59@utk.edu  PhD PSI  The impacts of climate change and conservation management on sequestration of newly added carbon in soil  Sean Schaeffer 
Deb O'Dell dodell3@utk.edu  PhD PSI  Quantifying Carbon Dioxide Flux Over Agriculture  Neal Eash 

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