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Intro to Biosystems Engineering
Can we get more food, water, energy? Can we solve the problem of environmental degradation, drought, famine? Is it even possible? YES! Through Agricultural and Biological Engineers.  
High Tunnels
Some Tennessee nursery farmers use what are called “high tunnel” greenhouses – an inexpensive way to protect crops from temperatures that are either too hot or cold.  
4-H Youth Create 'Eco Bots'
Members of Knoxville's 4-H Youth Development club met to build a small robot called an 'Eco-bot' to clean up a simulated oil spill.  
Our Stories: Dr. Neal Eash
This episode features Dr. Neal Eash, associate professor in Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science.  
Cotton Sub-Irrigation
Watering plants to make them grow works in a small garden or lawn, but is not so easy when you're talking about large acres. However, UT AgResearchers have made gains in recent years.  
No-Till Hills
There was a time when sloped land was just about useless because of frequent soil erosion. But now, hilly terrain can be productive. 'No-till” farming makes it possible.  
LED Plant Lights
It’s been known for years we can use indoor lighting to grow plants. Now UT Ag Researchers are looking at LED lights as an efficient way to bring plants to life.  
Obed Watershed
For every flowing river in Tennessee, there are many streams that feed it. A group of volunteers on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau work to preserve water quality in these tributaries.  
Food vs. Fuel
UT Ag Researchers are studying what could be a compromise between food and fuel.  
Cotton Gin
We know it as the fabric of our lives. Cotton is everywhere - found in clothing, upholstery and even food and money. But we need a way to get cotton from the field to the manufacturing plant.