Name Focus Title
Buchanan, John   Wastewater Management  Associate Professor 
Burns, Robert     Professor 
Buschermohle, Christine     Ext Program Assistant II 
Buschermohle, Michael (Mike)   Precision Agriculture  Professor 
Carrier, Danielle (Julie)     Professor and Head 
DeBruyn, Jennifer   Environmental Microbiology  Associate Professor 
Drumm, Eric   Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics  Professor 
Duncan, Lori   Row Crop Sustainability  Extension Specialist I 
Foy, Sharon     Business Manager 
Grandle, George   Livestock Production Systems  Associate Professor, Post retirement appointment 
Grant, Timothy (Tim)   Precision Irrigation  Extension Assistant I 
Leib, Brian   Irrigation & water management  Associate Professor 
Lessman, Gary   Soil fertility and plant analysis  Associate Professor 
Ludwig, Andrea   Ecological Engineering  Associate Professor 
Prather, Timothy (Tim)   Farm safety, AgrAbility, & precision ag  Extension Specialist I 
Savoy, Hubert (Hugh)   Soil fertility and testing  Associate Professor 
Stinnett, Lois     Accounting Specialist II 
Walker, Forbes   Environmental soil science  Associate Professor 
18 records.

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