Name Focus Title
Ammons, John (Tom)   Soil genesis & classification  Professor 
Baxter, Denver     Assistant Professor 
Bledsoe, Bobby   Power and machinery  Professor 
Debusk, Kenneth (Gene)   Electrical power and processing  Professor 
Garner, Walker     Senior Craft Specialist I 
Graves, Edgar     Staff 
Henry, Zachary (Zach)     Professor 
Howard, Donald (Don)   Soils  Professor 
Jardine, Phil     Adjunct Research Professor 
Luttrell, D. (Houston)     Professor and Head 
Luxmoore, Robert (Bob)   Soil physics  Adjunct Professor 
McCann, Cora     Secretary 
McDow, John   Structures and environment  Professor 
Monday, Wanda     Secretary 
Shelton, Curtis   Soil and water  Professor 
Springer, Maxwell (Max)     Professor 
Swearingen, Albert (Al)   Machinery  Professor 
Tyler, Donald (Don)   No-till and precision farming  Professor 
Vaigneur, Hugh (Ozzie)   Soil and water  Professor 
19 records.

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