Grandle, George PhD 1985

Swinson, Kenneth MS 2012, BS 2009
Staff Engineer/ Officer in Charge at US Navy

Troutt, Paul BS 2003
Ascension General Contractors
6157502345 (w)

Wang, Xinyan PhD 2005
Professor/Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Crouch, Jason 2000, BS 1995
Oak Hill Farm

Bootier, Matthew BS 2008
Davey Tree Expert Company/Senior Transmission Specialist

Mucke, Fredrick MS 1987, BS 1984
Huntsville Utilites / Water Operations Manager
256-746-2888 (w)

Ducheney, Brandon BS 2011
Eversource Energy / Manager of Environmental Operations (Western Mass)

Davitt, Jack MS 2014

Raley, Kevin MS 2003
Williamson County Government, Franklin, TN

Summers, Paul BS 2001
DHS - Senior Systems Engineer-CBRN, Branch Chief CBRN Inspection & Detection

Truitt/Anderson (Agouridis), Carmen MS 2000, BS 1998
University of Kentucky / Associate Professor
859-218-4344 (w)

Butler, Christopher BS 2005
Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon

Johnson, Caleb BS 2015
UTK Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science/Graduate Research Assistant

Peters, Brian BS 1996
Bush Hog Inc./Test Engineer II

Ayers, Van MS 1983
University of Missouri Extension
573-568-3344 (w)

Sewell, Matthew BS 2014
Denso/Production Engineering Specialist

Dharmalingam, Sathiskumar PhD 2013

Powell, Jeffrey MS 1998
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Senior Aquatic Biologist

Benham, Brian PhD 1995
Virginia Tech

Williams, James MS 1991, BS 1988
Custom Foods of America, Vice President of Operations

Danovi, Angela BS 2003
Ozarks Water Watch

Greer, Joshua BS 2016

Kirk, Ty BS 1998
New York State Department of Transportation / Traffic Systems Technician 1

Bevington, James BS 2011
Student at The International Space University

Huang, Lihan MS 1994
Food safety, microbiology, thermal and nonthermal processing technologies, computer simulation, predictive microbiology, risk analysis

Haun, Guy BS 1978
H.J. Baker & Bro/Tiger-Sul Products
937-666-9122 (w)
Research Agronomist Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg), Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) M.S. Plant & Soil Science, 1987

Ribeiro, Renato PhD 1998
Federal University of Ceara / Associate Professor

Potteti, Naga MS 2009

Ogle, Terry BS 1996
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Douthat, Mary BS 1992
LSR Foods, Inc

Wieber, Donald BS 1996
Tuff Torq Corporation
Engineering Manager

Liao, Wen-Chang PhD 1999
Chang Gung University of Science and Technology / Associate professor

Crenshaw, Aaron BS 2004
Fulghum, MacIndoe, and Associates
(865) 251-5070 (w)

Peay, Katherine BS 2011
Rutherford County, Project Engineer

Livesay, Merlin BS 1970
Retired USAF

Bolcar, Stephen BS 2011
University of Tennessee

Byard, Adam BS 2005

Gwin, Richard BS 2002
AB Mauri-Fleschmann's Yeast

Newberry, Jr., Eric BS 1988
Athens Utilities Board - General Manager

Buchanan, John MS 1993, BS 1985
UT-BEES, Associate Professor

Geary, Kimberly , BS 2008
Deere & Company Engineering Development Program

Ye, Ran PhD 2011
4-6529 (w)

Brannon, Ricky BS 2003
432-413-8619 (w)
164 White Pine Road, Harriman, TN 37748
854-621-6167 (h)

Chomicki, Brian MS 2009, BS 2005

Henry, Stephen BS 1987
USDA-NRCS / Assistant State Conservaton Engineer

Barnett, Lee BS 1995
EnSafe/Sr. Project Director - Associate Principal
901-372-7962 (w)

Arnold, Edward MS 2005, BS 2003
Restoration Services Incorporated

Pannell, Charles BS 2012
John Deere Coffeyville Works - Design Engineer

Head, Clinton BS 2007
Young Hobbs & Associates, PE

Wheaton, Jeffrey BS 1984
337 Clara Road, , Toto , GU 96910

Adams, Brett BS 2003
Brett Adams Construction, Inc.
(865) 227-9107 (w)
Married. General contractor in Knoxville.

Davis, Lynn BS 1967

Sui, Ruixiu MS 1987

Ward, Brett BS 1979
UT-MTAS, Utility Operations Specialist

Lester, Brian BS 2009
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Celen, Ipek PhD 2006
Tubitak/ senior researcher in Turkey

Coppala, Jeffrey BS 1980
BWXT Y-12 Corporation / Project Engineer

Walton, Stephen BS 1987
MG Newell / Project Engineer - Hendersonville, TN
Food Process Systems Project Engineer for Greensboro, NC based Sanitary Food Processing Equipment Company

Vaughn, Timothy BS 2011
John Deere - Mechanical Engineer (Drivetrain)

Sain, Robert MS 2006

Mahoney, Wilbur MS 1983
Dewpoint Inc, Lansing, MI

Dupree, Tommy BS 1981
Federal Aviation Administration, Memphis Airports District Office

Barham, Earl BS 1987

Biss, Bryan BS 2006
Proton Power Inc./Biosystems Engineer

Smith, Andrew BS 2008
AMEC Earth & Environmental

Al-Masri (al-masri), Naufal MS 1977

Barker, Sheldon MS 1994

Stills, Travis BS 2002
Dept. of Mines, Minerals, & Energy
276-523-8106 (w)

Whitten, Christopher MS 2001, BS 1999
ABB Inc., Alamo, TN / Senior Product Engineer

Ruffell, Jeremy BS 1995
USDA/NRCS-Civil Engineer

Benitez.Ramirez, Marisol MS 2010

Reagan, Jonathan BS 2010
The Shaw Group, Environment & Infrastructure Group

Marsh, William BS 2005
J.R. Wauford & Company, Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Project Manager)

Comer, Robert MS 2006, BS 2003
Caterpillar, Inc. - Development and Test Engineer

Cook, P.E., Robert BS 2000
CH2M HILL, Area Manager
865.769.3194 (w)
865-207-0349 (h)

Rathbone, David BS 2006
North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture / Superintendent

Davis, Christa MS 2006, BS 2002
CDM -Env. Scientist 3

Boettcher (Saal), Lauren BS 2002
North Carolina State University

Sutherland (Sutherland), Susanna MS 2004
Program Manager, Sustainability

Maloney, Conor BS 2007
Griggs & Maloney Inc.
615 895 8221 (w)
Engineering and Environmental Consulting, Environmental Scientist

Mathis, David MS 2005, BS 2002
Restoration Services, Inc./Environmental Scientist

Cheung, Sin Ting BS 2007
Ashland Hercules Water Technologies

Peck, Jerry MS 2000, BS 1998
Deere & Company Global Product Line Manager Air Seeding Equipment

Phillips, Dustin BS 2009
ProFab Metal/ Custom Metal Fabricator
1279 Baker Hwy, Huntsville, TN 37756
423-215-2938 (h)

Stout, Eric BS 2010

Buck, Louis 1982, BS 1981
Genera Energy
Commercialization Manager for the cellulosic ethanol start-up enterprise including the Tennessee Biomass Supply Cooperative

Townes, William BS 1985
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Seo, Youngho PhD 2006
Gangwon Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Korea/Researcher

Ledbetter, Jr., Miles BS 2002
Politics/Running for Roane County Executive August 2010

Johnson, David MS 1995, BS 1992
Hatfield & Allen, Associates

Wilkerson (Webb), Erin BS 1999
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Palmer, Michael MS 1997
Trigreen Equipment

Rice, Matthew MS 2006, BS 2004
Erwin Utilities
423 743-1820 (w)

Pinson, William MS 2004, BS 2001
Supervisory Civil Engineer USDA-NRCS Jackson Area Office

Cavin, III, Cullen BS 2002
Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, and Cannon

Foote, Jamie BS 2001
Toray Fluorofibers (America), Inc. Decatur, AL / ES&H Engineer

Foster, David BS 2007
Anderson Poured Walls/Construction Management

Carroll, William BS 2003
Wilbur Smith Associates/ Senior Environmental Cooordinator

Smith, Christopher MS 2001
La-Z-Boy, inc. -- .NET/Database Developer

Longcrier, Amy BS 2005
Biohabitats, Inc./Ecological Designer

Goodman, John BS 2000
McGill Associates - Consulting Engineers

Alfont, Kevin MS 1994
Tellico Village POA/IT Director

Obiri, Oriana MS 2006

Shanks, Wayne BS 2009
Clinton Engineering

Jett, Swannie MS 1995
Bullitt County Health Department/Director

Saul, Adam BS 2009

Reagan, Joseph MS 1997
MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

Ervin, Theresa MS 2001, BS 1999
Environmental Engineer, CDM Inc (Oak Ridge)

Peters (Dyer), Angel MS 2001

Rutemeyer, William BS 2009

Crigger, James BS 1984
Robertshaw Programmer/analyst/system admin

Denton, James MS 2002
District Conservationist, USDA-NRCS Obion and Lake Counties

Wilson, Robert MS 2003
Environmental Scientist, TVA
104 Lavonia Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37415

DeSha, Don BS 1992
Co-Owner & President, Soil Solutions, Inc.

Oliveira, Carlos 1997
Federal University of Ceara (UFC)/Adjunct Professor

Helton, Johnathon BS 1988
Mobile Veterinary Services / Practice Mgr.

Wright, Wesley MS 1998, BS 2002

Blount, Tyaisha MS 2005
Physical Scientist - United States Forest Service - Southern Region
404-347-3071 (w)

Mayhew, Catherine MS 1999
SWCA Environmental Consultants/Sr. Project Manager-Ecologist

Lafferty, Clinton BS 1999
Volvo Trucks North America / Lead Design Engineer / PE

McKinney, Daniel MS 1999
Wiedeman & Singleton

Wilhelm, Luther BS 1960
UT-BEES, Professor

Young, III, John BS 2001
Law Offices of A. Philip Lomonaco / Associate
865-521-7422 (w)

Jones, Dennis MS 1983
University of Tennessee, Director

Jones, Matthew , BS 2006

Kline, Aaron BS 2005
City of Knoxville/Stormwater Engineer

Miller, Gary MS 1975, BS 1972
City of Concord/ Stormwater Services Staff Engineer

Perkey, Angel BS 1997
TDEC DOE Oversight

Perkey, Michael BS 1998

Smith, Adam BS 2007
Southeast Environmental Engineering

Barbosa, Roberto 1996

Kleene, J. MS 1989
VDH Office of Drinking Water / Director

Franklin, Christopher MS 1981

Wyatt, Donald BS 1971
Bradley County
Building Inspections, Beef Farming

Hancock, John MS 2003, BS 1999
Caterpillar, Inc. - Electrical Team Leader, Wheel Tractor Scrapers
217-475-4895 (w)

Pohlmann, Dirk BS 1998
Shaw Environmental Inc./Remediation Engineer

Womac, Alvin MS 1983, BS 1981
UT-BESS, Professor

Williams, Elizabeth MS 2002
South Carolina Environmental Training Center / Director
803-778-7873 (w)

Goodwin, Jason BS 1995
Astec Underground

Webb, II, Newman MS 2001, BS 1998

Wu, Chunxia PhD 2005

Ray, Samuel MS 2004, BS 2001
USDA Agricultural Research Service
(919)515-3575 (w)
902-102 Cove Bridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604-8719
(919)266-912 (h)

Wesner, John BS 1996
Denso Manufacturing of TN
(865) 982-7000 x6217 (w)

Nenninger, Joseph BS 1998
Graduate Student; University of Tennessee; College of Education

Vessell (Hancock), Kimberly BS 2003
Caterpillar, Inc. - Engineer, Large Mining Truck Hydraulics Team

Potter, Steven MS 1999
Research Assoc.--Blackland Rsch. Center, Texas A&M

Pile, Roger BS 1982
TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Burton, Jonathan BS 2005
CH2M HILL/Site Remediation Engineer

Prater, Jacob BS 2004
Grad Student at Iowa State - 2005

Walker, Terry MS 1992
Clemson University

King, Steven BS 1984
ICON Capital Management, LLC - President
865-588-6881 (w)
5805 Attleboro Drive, Powell, TN 37849

Stuart, George BS 1978
Guffey's of Atlanta, Inc.

Hurley, Kenneth MS 1996, BS 1992
Shaw Environmental, Inc./Project Engineer

Rosen, Daniel MS 1983

Young, Matthew BS 2002

Lehman, John MS 1977, BS 1973

Simmons, Eric MS 2001, BS 1998
EXEDY America Corporation (formerly Daikin Drivetrain Components Corporation)

Edens, W. MS 2001
Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation
615-494-1539 (w)

Morrow, Timothy (deceased) MS 2002
We received word August 9, 2005 that Tim passed away as a result of complications from a crane accident. Tim's family has requested that donations be made to the Rhea County Medical Center Foundation in lieu of flowers.

McDaniel, Curtis MS 2001
Soil Conservationist, USDA/NRCS
731-642-0761 x115 (w)

Wilkerson, John MS 1983, BS 1980
UT-BEES, Professor

Robertson, Clifton BS 2005

Zimmerman, Joseph MS 1996
NRCS - Agricultural Engineer

Jeon, Hong MS 2003
University of Illinois

Maynard, II, Ray MS 1997, BS 1993
Volvo Construction Equipment

Glover, Forrest MS 1998
MACTEC Engineering and Consulting
615-369-4412 (w)

Vories, Earl PhD 1987

McCrackin, Daniel (deceased) BS 1985
7/12/2004 We received information that Dan, 42, died July 6 of injuries sustained in an auto accident. Dan was one of our Alumni Advisory group members, and a great supporter of the department. He will be missed. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Indian Springs Baptist Church, marked special fund for the McCrackin children, or to the Indian Springs building fund, 214 Hill Road, Kingsport, Tenn. 37664, or to the American Diabetes Association, P.O. Box 3952, Kingsport, Tenn. 37664.

Hartman, B. MS 2001
Geologist, NRCS Chatanooga, TN
423/855-6605 (w)

Lowery, Alex MS 1996
vp Pittsburgh Coatings Corp.

Bedford, James MS 1999

Ruth, Deborah BS 1995

Heffern, Todd BS 2002
Michigan State Univ/GRMERC

Jablonski, Jon MS 1975

Howard, Kevin MS 1988, BS 1986
Delta Pine & Land Co.

Hitch, John BS 1984
UT Plateau Experiment Station, Superintendent

Hurst, Daniel BS 1985
Strata-G, LLC / President

Hobby, Henry MS 1995

Hamlett, James MS 1996

Corwin, Brian MS 1996, BS 1992
Williamson County

Harris, Jon BS 1997
Marziano & Minier, PA

Calfee, Ron BS 1985
Riverland Farms

Stiles, Amanda BS 1998
Georgia Environmental Protection Division/Env. Engineer

Lown, Joel MS 1988

Armstrong, William BS 1984

Armstrong, Charles BS 1980
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, SE Region Director

Morgan, Tommy MS 1995
John Deere/Product Planner

Bell, David MS 1984, BS 1981
Kubota Tractor Corp/Regional Sales Mgr.

Pierce, Jr., Kenneth MS 1980
Nashville Electric Service/Telecommunications Mgr

Miller, John MS 1988

Hart, William MS 1982, BS 1979

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